Special Allocators with C++17

I introduced in my last post "Polymorphic Allocators with C++17" the theory of polymorphic allocators…

Polymorphic Allocators in C++17

This post starts a miniseries about an almost unknown feature in C++17: polymorphic allocators. I often…
relay race

C++ Core Guidelines: Passing Smart Pointers

Passing smart pointers is a critical topic that is seldom addressed. This ends with the C++ core guidelines…
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C++ Core Guidelines: Rules for Smart Pointers

There were a lot of C++ experts who said that smart pointers were the essential feature of C++11. Today,…
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C++ Core Guidelines: Rules for Allocating and Deallocating

The guidelines have six rules for explicit memory allocation and deallocation. Six! Maybe you are surprised…
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C++ Core Guidelines: Rules about Resource Management

This and the following posts will probably be about the most critical concern in programming: resource…

Memory Pool Allocators by Jonathan Müller

After I have written a few posts about memory management in C++, I'm very glad to present Jonathan Müller,…

Pros and Cons of the various Memory Allocation Strategies

In C++ you have the choice between various memory allocation strategies. In addition to the frequently…

Strategies for the Allocation of Memory

There are a lot of different strategies for allocating memory. Programming languages like Python or Java…

Improvements of this Blog

In my post Time for Wishes, I asked: "How can I improved my blog?" And here are the answers. Most…