C++23: A Modularized Standard Library, std::print and std::println

The C++23 standard library has very impressive improvements. In this post, I will write about the modularized…

C++20 Modules: Private Module Fragment and Header Units

In the last weeks, I learned something new about modules in C++20: private modules fragments and header…

C++20: Further Open Questions to Modules

So far, I have written in my last four posts the basics you should know about modules in C++20. Only…

C++20: Structure Modules

When your module becomes bigger, you want to divide its functionality into manageable components. C++20…

C++20: Module Interface Unit and Module Implementation Unit

Thanks to the module interface unit and implementation unit, you can separate the interface from the…

C++20: A Simple math Module

Modules are one of the four prominent features of C++20. They overcome the restrictions of header files…

C++20: The Advantages of Modules

Modules are one of the four big features of C++20: concepts, ranges, coroutines, and modules. Modules…

C++20: The Big Four

This post presents you the big four: concepts, ranges, coroutines, and modules. C++20 has a lot…
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More Details to Modules

 My last post gave you an introduction to modules in C++20. This post shows how to use existing…
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Modules are one of the five prominent features of C++20. Modules will overcome the restrictions of header…