Partial Function Application

Partial Function Application is a technique in which a function binds a few of its arguments and returns…

More Lambda Features with C++20

Lambdas in C++20 can be default-constructed and support copy-assignment when they have no state. Lambdas…

More Powerful Lambdas with C++20

Thanks to C++20, lambdas have become more powerful. From the various lambda improvements, template parameters…

C++ 20: The Core Language

My last post C++20: The Big Four started with an overview of concepts, ranges, coroutines, and modules.…
05 lambdas

C++ Insights – Lambdas

Honestly, many programmers in my classes have issues with the syntactic sugar of lambdas. Desugaring…

C++ Core Guidelines: Pass Function Objects as Operations

An interface is a contract between a user and an implementer and should, therefore, be written with great…

C++ Core Guidelines: To Switch or not to Switch, that is the Question

First, I have to apologize. Today, I wanted to continue my journey through the C++ Core Guidelines with…

C++ Core Guidelines: Function Objects and Lambdas

I can not think about modern C++ without lambda expressions. So my wrong assumption was that there are…

Functional in C++11 and C++14: Dispatch Table and Generic Lambdas

My favorite example, the dispatch table, shows how nicely the features in modern C++ work together. A…