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C++ Core Guidelines: Surprises with Argument-Dependent Lookup

There is, in particular, one rule left to template interfaces which are quite interesting: T.47: Avoid…
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C++ Core Guidelines: Regular and SemiRegular Types

The topic for today is quite important when you create your type: Regular and SemiRegular types.   Here…

C++ Core Guidelines: Template Interfaces

This post is about template interfaces due to the C++ core guidelines: "...a critical concept", because…

C++ Core Guidelines: Pass Function Objects as Operations

An interface is a contract between a user and an implementer and should, therefore, be written with great…
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C++ Core Guidelines: Definition of Concepts, the Second

Let me continue with the rules for defining concepts in the guidelines. The first of the three remaining…
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C++ Core Guidelines: Rules for the Definition of Concepts

Although rule T.11 states: Whenever possible, use standard concepts you sometimes have to define your…
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C++ Core Guidelines: Rules for the Usage of Concepts

We will get concepts with high probability in C++20. Here are the rules from the C++ core guidelines…
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C++ Core Guidelines: Better Specific or Generic?

Concepts revolutionize the way we think about and use generic programming. They didn't make it in C++11…

C++ Core Guidelines: Type Erasure with Templates

In the last post C++ Core Guidelines: Type Erasure, I presented two ways to implement type erasure: void…

C++ Core Guidelines: Type Erasure

The rule "T.5: Combine generic and OO techniques to amplify their strengths, not their costs"  of…