My ALS Journey: 7/n

Today, I write about my journey in chronological order.

Visit from Jens

On Wednesday, the 14th, my good friend Jens Weller (Meeting C++) visited me. Honestly, I was in bad condition. Due to lack of air, I could hardly speak. Additionally, I was exhausted and tired, almost delirious.

Two days later, I went to the Ulm Hospital.

Six-Day Stay in Hospital Ulm

In Ulm, they diagnosed pneumonia and carbon dioxide poisoning. I got antibiotics for my pneumonia and a ventilator for my carbon dioxide poisoning caused by respiratory weakness. Respiratory weakness is typical for my rare form of ALS that starts in the thorax: thoracal ALS. Consequently, I now wear a ventilator in the night and my lunch nap.

In the picture, you can see my first attempt with the mouth mask.

After 2 – 3 days of treatment in the hospital, my condition changed dramatically. I can speak powerfully, sleep without any interruption, and I’m not exhausted and tired anymore. To make it short, I’m doing very well.

AMA with Rainer Grimm

Due to my hospital stay, I had to shift my Ask Me Anything (AMA) meeting. The new date is March 26. Here are more details from Meeting C++ live with Rainer Grimm:

Meeting C++ live with Rainer Grimm this time!

This time our guest for Meeting C++ live is Rainer Grimm. You’ll know Rainer from his blog, talks, trainings and books. He is the author of multiple C++ books, and his weekly C++ blog is one of the most active in our community. Recently Rainer also shared with us that he has been diagnosed with ALS, adding a monthly update about his journey with this disease on his blog.

Rainer has a special offer to get his Modern C++ collection for a discount, he will donate the money from this to the ALS Ambulanz, a leading german ALS organization.


19:00 Socializing / Get to know Hubilo

19:30 Welcome message

20:00 AMA

21:xx – Socializing / End

Interview for the Schwäbisches Tagblatt

On Thursday, the 28th, I have given an interview for the Schwäbisches Tagblatt. The Schwäbisches Tagblatt is a local newspaper. I have already given an interview for the newspaper as a successful athletics trainer. This time, the focus is different. I want to increase the awareness of ALS to get more donations. Therefore, I spoke about my profession as a C++ trainer and author and my ALS journey.


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