Multithreading with C++17 and C++20

Forecasts about the future are difficult. In particular, when they are about C++20. Nevertheless, I will…

Sleep and Wait

The new time library is an important component of the threading interface. As well, as threads, locks,…

The Three Clocks

A clock consists of a starting point and a time tick. C++ offers with std::chrono::system_clock, std::chrono::steady_clock,…

Time Duration

Time duration is the difference between two time points. It will be measured in time ticks. Time…

Time Point

The starting point (epoch) and the additional time duration define the time point. It consists of two…

The Time Library

A blog dealing with multithreading in modern C++ but not writing about the new time library is incomplete.…

My Conclusion: Summation of a Vector in three Variants

After I've calculated in three different ways the sum of a std::vector I want to draw my conclusions.   The…

Multithreaded: Summation with Minimal Synchronization

Until now, I've used two strategies to summate a std::vector. First, I did the whole math in one thread…

Multithreaded: Summation of a Vector

My goal is to sum up all elements of a vector. I used in the last post a single thread. In this post,…

Single Threaded: Summation of a Vector

What is the fastest way to add the elements of a std::vector? This a question that I will pursue in the…