Pure Functions

Pure functions are pretty similar to mathematical functions. They are the reason that Haskell is called…

Immutable Data

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Higher-Order Functions

Higher-order functions are the pendant to First-Class Functions because higher-order functions can take…

First-Class Functions

One of the characteristics of functional programming is first-class functions. First-class functions…

The Definition of Functional Programming

The definition of functional programming is relatively easy. Functional programming is programming with…

Functional in C++17 and C++20

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Functional in C++11 and C++14: Dispatch Table and Generic Lambdas

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Functional in TR1 and C++11

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Functional in C++98

C++ is not a functional programming language, but you can program in a functional style. What are the…

Object-Oriented, Generic, and Functional Programming

C++ is not a functional programming language. C++ has its roots in procedural and object-oriented programming.…