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C++ Core Guidelines: Rules for Expressions and Statements

There are many rules in the C++ Core Guidelines dealing with expressions and statements. To be precise,…
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C++ Core Guidelines: Passing Smart Pointers

Passing smart pointers is a critical topic that is seldom addressed. This ends with the C++ core guidelines…
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C++ Core Guidelines: Rules for Smart Pointers

There were a lot of C++ experts who said that smart pointers were the essential feature of C++11. Today,…

The new pdf bundle is available: Embedded – Performance Matters

I have prepared the pdf bundle. To get it is quite simple. If you subscribe to the newsletter, you…
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C++ Core Guidelines: Rules for Allocating and Deallocating

The guidelines have six rules for explicit memory allocation and deallocation. Six! Maybe you are surprised…
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C++ Core Guidelines: Rules about Resource Management

This and the following posts will probably be about the most critical concern in programming: resource…
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C++ Core Guidelines: Rules for Enumerations

The section to enumerations has eight rules. Since C++11, we have scoped enumerations which overcome…

Which pdf bundle should I provide? Make your choice!

Now, it's time to choose the next pdf bundle? You will get all posts, all source files, and a cmake file…

C++ Core Guidelines: Rules for Unions

A union is a particular data type where all members start at the same address. A union can hold only…

C++ Core Guidelines: More Rules for Overloading

I started the last post on my journey through the rules for overloading functions and operators. Let…