C++ Core Guidelines: Use Tools to Validate your Concurrent Code

Today, I'm happy to write about the probably most important C++ Core Guidelines for concurrency rule: Whenever feasible, use tools to validate your concurrent code. Not all, but many bugs can be detected with tools, and each fixed bug is a good bug. Here are two tools that gave me precious help in the last few years: ThreadSanitizer and CppMem.

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Ongoing Optimization: Relaxed Semantic with CppMem

With the relaxed semantics, we have no synchronizations and ordering constraints on atomic operations.

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Ongoing Optimization: A Data Race with CppMem

But we can improve and further improve the acquire-release semantics of the last post. Why should x be atomic? There is no reason. That was my first but incorrect assumption. See why?

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Ongoing Optimization: Acquire-Release Semantic with CppMem

With the acquire-release semantics, we break the sequential consistency. In the acquire-release semantics, synchronization occurs between atomic operations on the same atomic and not between threads.

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Ongoing Optimization: Sequential Consistency with CppMem

With atomic data types, you can tailor your program to your needs and optimize it. But now we are in the domain of multithreading experts.

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Ongoing Optimization: Locks and Volatile with CppMem

The easiest way to solve the undefined behaviour in the post Ongoing Optimization: Unsynchronized access is, to use a lock.

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Ongoing Optimization: Unsynchronized Access with CppMem

I described my challenge in the last post. Let's 's start with our process of ongoing optimization. To be sure, I verify my reasoning with CppMem. I once made a big mistake in my presentation at Meeting C++ 2014.

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Ongoing Optimization

Now it's time to put the theory into practice. The job is relatively easy. A small program should undergo ongoing optimization.

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CppMem - An Overview

CppMem is an interactive tool for exploring the behavior of small code snippets of the C++ memory model. No, it should have to be in the toolbox of each programmer who deals seriously with the memory model.

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