Looking for Proofreaders for my New Book: C++20

I’m looking for proofreaders for my new book “C++20”. The book serves two purposes. It provides you the details of the new C++20 standard and shows you how to use it. This book includes more than one hundred fifty examples to study the theory in praxis.


Let me write a few words about the special state of the book.

State of the Book

Early Publishing

Although the book is only 50 % done, I publish it at LeanPub. I will update the book at least two times and assume that I’m done with the book in about a year. I decided to publish it half-done because it provides valuable information even in this early stage.

Early Stage

The early published version of the book is the base for your proofreading. I intentionally want your feedback while it’s only 50 % done. I think this is the most valuable time for your feedback.

Further updates

You can expect the following improvements with future updates.

  • More code examples when missing C++20 features are available. Additionally, I reimplement existing examples using the C++20 standard and not prototype libraries such as fmt or date.
  • More details on the C++20 features.
  • A preview of the new C++23 standard.
  • Tutorials to the big four at least: concepts, ranges, modules, and coroutines.

Here are the missing facts about proofreading my book.

More Details

Here is more information to ease your decision.

State of the book

I finished the first draft of the books. The book has about 350 pages. This first draft is cooked well enough for proofreading. I will replace the images which are at the beginning of each chapter with illustrations. 


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    Who publishes the book?

    The book is only available on LeanPub. When it is done, I assume that I will be published in other languages and available in a printed version.

    What’s your job?

    • Proofreading the book. You don’t have to read the chapters in sequence. I send you the book as pdf. If you are done with a chapter, send me the pdf with your comments inside the pdf. I try to update the book weekly; therefore, your comments are based on the newest version. This process worked quite well with my last books and is most comfortable for you and me.
    • I create a Slack group for our discussions.
    • Look for all kinds of errors in the book. These errors may include 
      • typos
      • syntax error in my American English or C++ programming language
      • inconsistency 
      • errors in the code examples
      • …. (four dots, not three)
    • Make further suggestions about the content and the structure of the book.
    • Just write to me about what you think could be improved.

    What are the requirements for proofreading?

    • You have not to be a C++ expert. If you don’t understand some explanation, it’s probably my fault. 
    • It’s beneficial but not necessary if English is your mother tongue. The book is written in American English

    What do you get?

    • A deep insight into C++20.
    • I mention you in the book as a proofreader.
    • I send you a printed version of the book if available.

    How to contact me?

    • Use my e-mail: Rainer.Grimm@ModernesCpp.de.
    • The call for proofreaders is open until Christmas.
    • I’m looking for 5-6 proofreaders. So if more than 6 people want to proofread the book, I have to choose the right ones. Therefore, it helps me a lot if you say a few words about your motivation. The few words are only necessary if I don’t know you.


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    I’m happy to give online seminars or face-to-face seminars worldwide. Please call me if you have any questions.

    Standard Seminars (English/German)

    Here is a compilation of my standard seminars. These seminars are only meant to give you a first orientation.

    • C++ – The Core Language
    • C++ – The Standard Library
    • C++ – Compact
    • C++11 and C++14
    • Concurrency with Modern C++
    • Design Pattern and Architectural Pattern with C++
    • Embedded Programming with Modern C++
    • Generic Programming (Templates) with C++
    • Clean Code with Modern C++
    • C++20

    Online Seminars (German)

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