I’m Proud to Present: The C++ Standard Library including C++14 & C++17

Based on my book “The C++ Standard Library” created an interactive course. You can have it now at a discount.

“C++ Standard Library including C++14 & C++17” is a interactive journey through the current C++ standard Library.

C++ is one of the most prominent programming languages in the world. Along with optimized performance, the diverse functionality it offers has kept the language relevant for two decades. The C++ Standard Library, which is the collection of all the tools and utilities available in C++, received its latest update in 2017. Known as C++17, the update introduces many new features that further optimize our code.


How to Get it?

Use the link to educative: C++ Standard Library including C++14 & C++17

What’s Inside?

  • 149 lessons
  • 111 code playgrounds => Run in browser
  • 164 code snippets
  • 25 illustrations

If you’ve got a solid understanding of the basics of C++ and want to take your skills to the next level, this is the course for you. It features 100+ fully executable code playgrounds that you can mess with to your heart’s content to check your understanding.

Give me the Details!

If you are curious and you should be, here are the details to the more than 200 pages:

  • Introduction

    • About this course
    • Conventions
    • Source Examples
    • Further Information
    • C++ versus C++11
  • The Standard Library

    • History
    • Utilities
    • Components
  • Overview

    • Numeric Functions
    • Text Processing
    • Input, Output and Filesystems
    • Multithreading
  • Application of Libraries

    • Introduction
    • Including Header Files
    • Using Namespaces
    • Building an Executable
  • Utilities

    • Utilities in C++ Standard Library
  • Useful Functions

    • The min, max and minmax functions
    • Move vs. Copy
    • Forward
    • Swap
  • Adaptor for Functions

    • std::bind and std::function
    • Behavior of std::bind and std::function
  • Pairs and Tupels

    • PairsPreview
    • Tuples
  • Reference Wrappers

    • Introduction
    • std::ref and std::cref
  • Smart Pointers

    • Introduction
    • Unique PointersPreview
    • Shared Pointers
    • Weak Pointers
    • Cyclic References
  • Type Traits

    • Introduction
    • Check Type Information
    • Type Comparisons and Modifications
  • Time Library

    • Introduction
    • Time Point
    • Time Duration
    • Clock
  • std::any, std::optional, and std::variant

    • std::any
    • std::optional
    • std::variant
  • Interface of All Containers

    • Introduction
    • Create and Delete
    • Size
    • Access
    • Assign and Swap
    • Compare
  • Sequential Containers

    • Introduction
    • Arrays
    • Vectors
    • Deques
    • Lists
    • Forward Lists
  • Associative Containers

    • Introduction
    • Insertion and Deletion
  • Ordered Associative Containers

    • Overview
    • Keys and Values
    • The Comparison Criterion
    • Special Search Functions
    • Maps
  • Unordered Associative Containers

    • Overview
    • Keys and Values
    • Performance
    • The Hash Function
    • The Details
  • Adaptor for Containers

    • Introduction
    • Stack
    • Queue
    • Priority Queue
  • Iterators

    • Introduction
    • Categories
    • Iterator Creation
    • Useful Functions
    • Adaptors
  • Callable Units

    • Introduction
    • Functions and Function Objects
    • Lambda Functions
  • Algorithms

    • Introduction
    • Conventions
    • Iterators are the glue
    • Sequential, parallel, or parallel execution with vectorisation
    • Algorithms with Parallelized Versions
    • for_each
  • Non-Modifying Algorithms

    • Introduction
    • Search Elements
    • Count Elements
    • Check Conditions on Ranges
    • Compare Ranges
    • Search for Ranges within Ranges
  • Modifying Algorithms

    • Copy Elements and Ranges
    • Replace Elements and Ranges
    • Remove Elements and Ranges
    • Fill and Create Ranges
    • Move Ranges
    • Swap Ranges
    • Transform Ranges
    • Reverse Ranges
    • Rotate Ranges
    • Randomly Shuffle Ranges
    • Remove Duplicates
  • More Algorithms

    • Partition
    • Sort
    • Binary Search
    • Merge Operations
    • Heaps
    • Min and Max
    • Permutations
    • Numeric
  • New Algorithms with C++17

    • Reduce
    • Scan
  • Numeric

    • Random Numbers
    • Functions Inherited from C
  • Strings

    • Introduction
    • Create and Delete
    • Conversion Between C++ and C Strings
    • Size versus Capacity
    • Comparison and Concatenation
    • Element Access
    • Input and Output
    • Search
    • Modifying Operations
    • Numeric Conversions
  • String View

    • Introduction
    • Create and initialise
    • Non-modifying operations
    • Modifying operations
  • Regular Expressions

    • Introduction
    • Character Types
    • Regular Expression Objects
    • The Search Result match_results
    • Match
    • Search
    • Replace
    • Format
    • Repeated Search
  • Input and Output Streams

    • Introduction
    • String Streams
    • File Streams
    • State of the Stream
    • User-defined Data Types
    • Hierarchy
    • Iostream
    • Input and Output Functions
    • Format Specifier
  • File System

    • Filesystem library
    • Classes
    • Non-member functions
    • File types


  • Multithreading

    • Memory model
    • Atomic data types
    • Threads
    • Shared Variables
    • Thread local data
    • Condition variables
    • Tasks



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