Five Vouchers to win for the book "The Modern C++ Programming Cookbook"

I'm happy to announce that I have to give away five vouchers for "The modern C++ Programming Cookbook" 2en Edition by Marius Bancila.


I asked Marius to write a few words about his book. Here are they:

Are you looking for a book to help you learn about the new C++20 standard? The Modern C++ Programming Cookbook 2nd Edition, written by Marius Bancila, is a book that can help you do that. This second edition is an updated version that covers all of the most important features of C++20.
The book is organized in recipes that cover one topic or programming task that C++ developers often encounter. Each recipe explains how to do something and provides details for how that works. The book features more than 130 recipes covering C++11/14/17/20. It provides guidance for using a large variety of language and library features, good practices for writing C++ code, explore patterns, and several of the most widely used testing frameworks. Although the book is intended for developers regardless of their experience with C++, it is not an introductory book to C++; therefore, this book does not teach you the basics of the C++ programming language.
In this book, Marius is covering the following C++20 topics:
  • modules
  • concepts
  • coroutines
  • ranges
  • text formatting library (std::format)
  • chrono calendars and time zones
  • std::span
  • bit manipulation utilities
  • std::jthread and std::stop_source
  • latches, barriers, and semaphores
  • atomic operations
  • immediate functions (consteval)
  • three-way comparison (spaceship operator <=>)
  • using enums
  • template lambdas and changes to lambda captures
You can read the entire first chapter for free and check the rest of the table of contents here
How can I win a copy of the book?
The publisher of the book, Packtpub, is offering five free e-copies of the book. What you have to do is answering the following question:
"What is your favorite C++20 feature and why?"
Marius and I will decide what are the best five answers and will announce the winners in a new blog post including the best answers. Add to your answer if I should include your name when I present your answer.
What are the rules: Send your answer in English until Monday, the 11th of January to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Please share this post. We are curious about your answers.

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