The Final Version of my C++20 Book

I have given many C++20 classes in the last two years and improved my C++20 knowledge. Consequentially,…

60 terrible tips for a C++ developer

Today, I want to present a mini book written Andrey Karpov from the PVS-Studio team. This book is educational…

My New Blog

My blog Modernes C++ is over seven years old and needed a redesign. Here it is. I hope you like it. If…

Printed Version of “The C++ Standard Library” on Amazon

I have two great news. First, you have my "The C++ Standard Library"  on Amazon; second, the book…

Presentation next Monday: Concurrency Patterns with Rainer Grimm

Next Monday, I will give two presentations for Meeting C++.   First, I will introduce my mentoring…

The C++ Standard Library: The Fourth Edition includes C++23

I'm happy to announce. I updated my "The C++ Standard Library" book to C++23.     Many…
8 how to get job hft firm

Webinar: How to get a job at a high-frequency trading digital-assets shop

Maybe, you want to know more about the high-frequency domain and consider applying in this particular…

Webinar: C++ with Python for Algorithmic Trading

It’s a surprising fact that C++ and Python are often and effectively used together.  They are…

And the Five Winners for “Template Metaprogramming with C++” are

Today, I want to present the five winners for coupons for the book "Template Metaprogramming with C++"…

Five Coupons for the eBook “Template Metaprogramming with C++”

I'm happy to announce that I have five giveaway eBooks for "Template Metaprogramming with C++" by Marius…