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C++ Core Guidelines: Supporting Sections

Let's recapitulate. I have written about 100 posts on the C++ Core Guidelines in the last two years.…
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C++ Core Guidelines: When RAII breaks

Before I write about the very popular RAII idiom in C++, I want to present you with a trick, which is…
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More Rules about the Regular Expression Library

There is more to write about the usage of regular expressions than I wrote in my last post The Regular…
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The Regular Expression Library

My original plan was to write about the rules of the C++ Core Guidelines for the regex and chrono library,…
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C++ Core Guidelines: Improved Performance with Iostreams

As easy as my title and the rules of the C++ core guidelines sound, getting more performance out of the…
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Stuff you should know about In- and Output with Streams

Today's post is about what you should know about Iostreams. In particular, I write about formatted and…
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C++ Core Guidelines: IOstreams

When you interact with the outside world, the iostream library is the way to go in C++. As always, you…
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C++ Core Guidelines: Rules for Strings

The C++ core guidelines use the term string as a sequence of characters. Consequently, the guidelines…
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C++ Core Guidelines: Avoid Bounds Errors

When you access an element outside a container of the STL, the result is not so promising. Your effect…
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More special Friends with std::map and std::unordered_map

Modern C++ has eight associative containers, but your special friends should be std::map and std::unordered_map.…