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C++ Core Guidelines: Naming and Layout Rules

The C++ core guidelines have about twenty naming and layout rules. A few of them are obvious; a few of…

C++ Core Guidelines: Lifetime Safety And Checking the Rules

The lifetime safety profile in the C++ core guidelines boils down to one issue: don't dereference a possible…

C++ Core Guidelines: Bounds Safety

Today's post concerns the second C++ Core Guidelines: Bounds Safety profile. The goal of the profile…
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C++ Core Guidelines: Type Safety by Design

What does that mean: type safety by design. Type safety by design just means that you always initialize…
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C++ Core Guidelines: Type Safety

The C++ core guidelines support three profiles: type safety, bounds safety, and lifetime safety. Thanks…
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C++ Core Guidelines: Profiles

Informally, profiles are a subset of rules of the C++ core guidelines for specific concerns such as type…
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More Myths of My Blog Readers

Today, I conclude my story to your myths about C++. These myths are around function parameters, the initialisation…
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Myths of My Blog Readers

I was inquisitive about your C++ myths. In particular, my German readers were quite active. I got a few…
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C++ Core Guidelines: More Non-Rules and Myths

Demystifying non-rules and myths in C++ is a laborious but essential job. The goal is simple: use the…
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C++ Core Guidelines: Non-Rules and Myths

Of course, you already know many non-rules and myths about C++. Non-rules and myths which we have to…