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And the Winners for the Five Vouchers for Stephan’s Book “Clean C++20” are

I’m happy to present the five winners in this post including their answers.

 roth cleancpp20 cover

I was happy that Stephan chooses the best five answers because we got more than 30 answers. He made his decision mainly based on the criteria: participants with no or little experience with Clean C++. To remind you, here are the three questions we asked:

  1. Are you already familiar with the principles and practices of Clean Code Development, and do you apply them to your C++ code? 
  2. Do you use unit tests and try to achieve the highest possible test coverage? 
  3. Are you familiar with the software design method Test-Driven Development (TDD), and do you apply it in your daily work? 

When I present the three answers of the five winners, I only write their first names. Apress already contact them.


  1. Because I’m a beginner at C++ programming, I am not familiar with principles of Clean Code Development. For that reason, I couldn’t apply them to my learning-purpose-projects.
  2. Since I do not have any professional background in software development, I do not have any experience using unit tests.
  3. However, I am not familiar with the design method you mentioned.


  1.  I am not familiar with clean code but I am interested.
  2. I do not use unit tests but am trying to learn Google unit test tool.
  3. I am familiar with TDD but I do not apply in my daily work.  Shame.


  1. I have heard of it and have a couple books on my to-read list about them. Seems an up-to-date book would be even better place to start.
  2. I use some unit tests, but definitely need to use more for full coverage.
  3. Yes, I’m familiar, but unfortunately do not apply it.


  1. Yes I have read Uncle Bob’s Clean Code book. I do apply the principles. I observe significant improvement in my productivity as I understand and implement more of them.
  2. Yes, I follow the TDD method. I write a test and implement no more than it is enough to make that test pass. This leads to naturally high amounts of test coverage.
  3. Yes and yes, I believe that TDD is the best and most effective method of software development. It certainly accelerates the development speed and makes it much easier to maintain a code base.



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    1. I try to write code as understandable as possible, use templates and concepts as much as I can. And test them I try to apply the best practice as I learn from experts like you, cpp.con, and many other awesome writers.
    2. I write and test my code but Unit test is in my list I signed up for a class on Udemy to learn the basic Also look other code to learn from.
    3. I have not learned TDD yet.







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