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C++ Core Guidelines: More Rules about Concurrency and Parallelism

Writing multithreading programs is hard, even harder if the program should be correct. The rules of the…
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C++ Core Guidelines: Rules for Concurrency and Parallelism

C++11 is the first C++ standard that deals with concurrency. The basic building block for concurrency…

The new pdf bundle is ready: Functional Features in C++

I have prepared the pdf bundle. To get it is quite simple. If you subscribe to the newsletter, you…

C++ Core Guidelines: The Remaining Rules about Performance

Today, I will write about the remaining ten rules of performance. Ten rules seem to be a lot, but only…

C++ Core Guidelines: More Rules about Performance

In this post, I continue my journey through the rules to performance in the C++ Core Guidelines. …

The Truth about “Raw Pointers Removed from C++”

Five bloggers have teamed up worldwide to deliver an April Fool's joke to readers about eliminating pointers.…