Overloading Operator new and delete 1

It happens quite too often that a C++ application allocates memory but doesn't deallocate it. This is…

Explicit Memory Management

Explicit memory management has in C++ a high complexity but also provides great functionality. Sadly,…

Garbage Collection – No Thanks

C++ is old-fashioned. C++ has no garbage collection. No garbage collection? Right! Old fashioned? Wrong! What…

Perfect Forwarding

Today, we solve " ... a herefore unsolved problem in C++" (Bjarne Stroustrup). To make the long story…

Time for Wishes

I wrote more than 130 posts in my German blog about functional programming, embedded programming and…

Move Semantis: Two Nice Properties

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Copy versus Move Semantics: A few Numbers

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std::array – Dynamic Memory, no Thanks

std::array combines the best of two worlds. On the one hand, std::array has the size and efficiency of…

Automatic Memory Management of the STL Containers

One of the significant advantages of a C++ string to a C string and of a std::vector to a C array is…


std::unique_ptr models the concept of exclusive ownership, std::shared_ptr the concept of shared ownership.…