Printed Version of "The C++ Standard Library" on Amazon

I have two great news. First, you have my "The C++ Standard Library"  on Amazon; second, the book includes C++23.

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Presentation next Monday: Concurrency Patterns with Rainer Grimm

Next Monday, I will give two presentations for Meeting C++.

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The C++ Standard Library: The Fourth Edition includes C++23

I'm happy to announce. I updated my "The C++ Standard Library" book to C++23.

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Webinar: How to get a job at a high-frequency trading digital-assets shop

Maybe, you want to know more about the high-frequency domain and consider applying in this particular domain. Then, this webinar, organized by ProfitView, should give you the necessary insights.

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Webinar: C++ with Python for Algorithmic Trading

It’s a surprising fact that C++ and Python are often and effectively used together.  They are different and tend to be used, on their own, in very different ways.  Why should they be associated more than most pairs of languages? 

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And the Five Winners for "Template Metaprogramming with C++" are

Today, I want to present the five winners for coupons for the book "Template Metaprogramming with C++" by Marius Bancila.

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Five Coupons for the eBook "Template Metaprogramming with C++"

I'm happy to announce that I have five giveaway eBooks for "Template Metaprogramming with C++" by Marius Bancila. In return, I have two questions about templates. The five best answers will get the coupons.

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Concepts and the Finance Industry

The finance industry is a big user of C++.  But as everyone knows, C++ programmers take on a substantial burden of complexity relative to other languages.  Why would they do that?  In a word: for performance.  With C++, you retain full semantic expressiveness without sacrificing any speed.  But that complexity can be tough.

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And the Five Winners for the "C++20 STL Cookbook" are

Today, I want to present the five winners for the pdf of the book "C++20 STL Cookbook" by Bill Weinman.

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Five Giveaway eBooks for "C++20 STL Cookbook"

I'm happy to announce that I have five giveaway eBooks for "C++20 STL Cookbook" by Bill Weinman. In return, I have a question about the C++20 format library: What are the major advantages of the C++20 format library over printf and iostream?

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