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C++ Core Guidelines: More about Control Structures

My last German post C++ Core Guidelines: To Switch or not to Switch, that is the Question got a lot of attention. To use a hash table instead of a switch statement seems to be a highly emotional topic. So I change my original plan. Today, I will present different kinds of control structures. I will start with the if and switch statements, continue with the hash table, and end with dynamic and static polymorphism. Additionally, I will mark a few remarks about performance and maintainability. 

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C++ Core Guidelines: To Switch or not to Switch, that is the Question

First, I have to apologize. Today, I wanted to continue my journey through the C++ Core Guidelines with arithmetic expressions. In my seminar this week, we had a long discussion about switch statements in C/C++ and how they become unmaintainable. Honestly, I'm not a fan of the switch statements, and I have to say: there is life after the switch statements.

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