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I want to say a few personal words due to exceptional circumstances.

We have a responsibility that we don't "yet" accept. I want to describe this responsibility from my point of view. We have to keep business alive as much as possible. Waiting until it's over doesn't work. What do I mean by that?

I am a best-known trainer for C ++ worldwide and can look forward to very high utilization (usually >= 14 months). Nevertheless, almost all of my customers do not want online training.

Due to my books and online courses, I can survive for a few months. For many of my colleagues, this is not the case as soon as the crisis lasts longer than 2 months. Since I always assume the worst case, I assume that the crises take at least 6 months.

The result will, therefore, be that many coaches are gone after the crisis. The result is significantly higher prices and much longer waiting times for the waiting customers.

Trainers such as me only serve as an example. Keep the business alive, be open for online training, and all other online business. Learn to live with the crisis, and don't wait until it's over.


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