My ALS Journey: 9/n with Hector

I initially thought that this status report was not particularly exciting. I was very wrong, but read it for yourself.

>> My ALS Journey so far <<

How I Work

I have had a suitable wheelchair for a few days now. It is an excellent help to me in my daily work. Now, I can sit relaxed in my chair and do a full-day course. The chair can be tilted and has brakes. Unfortunately, the long waited-for arm orthosis is not a great help. I, therefore, write slowly on my keyboard or enter long texts by voice. This works relatively well.

Steps and a Heavy Accident

I’ve landed on the stairs several times in the last few weeks. Now I have a study room that I can go to without stairs. In 6 weeks, we will move from a house to an apartment. This apartment has no stairs and is completely barrier-free. The apartment is almost ready. It’s just not clear which internet provider will supply the new building. That could be fun. It’s unbelievable. An apartment is considered finished if there is no internet connection yet. Welcome to the digital age.

Update: last Sunday, I had a massive fall on the stairs. First, I fell with my left eye on the railing and broke my glasses. Then I crashed into the bookshelf and smashed through a panel with my head. Thanks to the bookshelf, I landed on the floor, having slowed down. Luckily, nothing happened to me. They just stitched up the cut on my eye in the emergency room.

Now, I don’t go up or down stairs anymore.

The Last Fundraising

Unfortunately, our last fundraising campaign was not as successful as expected. We raised just under 2000 euros for ALS research. Many thanks to Andreas Fertig, Bartłomiej Filipek, Jason Turner, and Dmitry Vostokov.

Now, I must think of something new and need your help. What ideas do you have? Please email me at I look forward to your ideas.

My Bell Hector

Hector is a great help to me. His sound can be heard throughout the house. If you don’t know Hector, there’s no way around the Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul series.

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