My ALS Journey: 6/n

Here is the next step in my journey. This one is optimistic.

CppCast, C++Online, and AMA

In February, I have a few public events:

  • I was the second time guest at the CppCast and spoke about the difference between teaching and mentoring. Chatting with my friends Phil and Timor about “Teaching and Training Modern C++” was fun.
  • On the 14th of March 2024, I will give an online class, “Concurrency in Modern C++“. To present my class, I gave a short interview.
  • Finally, on Feb 21, I will be on the hot seat for Meeting C++. You can Ask Me Anything (AMA). Register here. I’m inquisitive.

The Bright Side of Life

A horrible diagnosis, such as ALS, changes you fundamentally. This also happened to me.

Before the diagnosis, I have been a workaholic. I usually began to work at 7 am and didn’t stop before 11 pm. My holidays were always connected to a conference. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it. But now, all is different. I care about the essential things in life: my wife Beatrix and my children Juliette (26) and Marius (24). I love to have them around me and talk with them. I’m very grateful for this new experience. Consequentially, my weekly workload went down from 80 to 40 hours.

Before the diagnosis, I wouldn’t say I like cats. Their food stinks, and so does their cat restroom. But now, I’m glad to have two cats, Luci (1/2) and Pepita (2), and see them grow. They are always one of my first thoughts, and I love seeing them play. They bring life back into our home.

Ultimately, my family is delighted that I’m a family man and enjoys the time with me.

You see, even in the dark corners, there is a bright side, and you must embrace it.

Money-Raising Campaign for ALS Research

ALS research is heavily underfunded. Therefore, I have one goal. Rise the awareness of ALS and its research. In the money-raising campaign, I donated €9000. The next time, it should become more considerable.

Please get in touch with me if you want to participate or have a good idea:

My Entire Journey

If you want to read my entire journey so far, here you are:


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