I'm Nominated for the "2022 Business Worldwide CEO Awards"

Last week, the visitor numbers on this page went from 7,000/day to 25,000/day. Now, I know why. I'm nominated for the "2022 Business Worldwide CEO Awards". You can still vote for me.

 democrats 3594094 1280

I'm nominated for the awards mainly because of my new Modernes C++ Mentoring. Winning this poll would give my mentoring program enormous visibility. Finally, I would also help this blog because this blog and my job as a C++ trainer/mentor are strongly related.

If you want to vote for me, use the following link: https://www.bwmonline.com/awards/the-ceo-awards-2022/.

Provide at least the following information when you vote:

  • Nominee's name: Rainer Grimm
  • Company Name: Modernes C++ GmbH
  • Industry: C++ Training Industry
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