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Thread Creation

Thread creation is easy. Call  std::thread, and a new thread will be created. The thread gets a work package and starts it immediately. The creator of the thread (the Parent) has to take care of the created thread (the child). The parent should wait until their child completes their task or has to detach himself […]

Multithreading in Modern C++

With the new C++11 Standard, C++ faces the first-time challenges of multicore architectures. The 2011 published standard defines how a C++ program has to behave in the presence of multiple threads. The C++11 multithreading capabilities are composed of two components. On the one hand, this is the defined memory model, and on the other hand, the […]

Why my Blog in English?

For half a year I have a blog about modern C++: Modernes C++. Although 80% of the readers are used to English, the blog is written in German. So I decided to translate the articles successively into English. Because my English is not as good as my German I asked a few people for help. They […]

Über mich

Beruflich Ich bin seit gut 15 Jahre Softwareentwickler. Da ich die permante Fortbildung als die entscheidende Eigenschaft für einen Softwareentwickler verstehe, habe ich bei meinem alten Arbeitgeber science&computing 2002 eine Fortbildungsrunde gegründet und bis zu meinem Wechsel zu Metrax 2013 am Leben gehalten. Durch die Koordination der Fortbildungsrunde veränderte sich auch deutlich mein Arbeitstag. Ich hielt sehr […]