C++20: More Details to Coroutines

After I gave you in my last post (C++20: Coroutines - A First Overview) my first impression of coroutines,…
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Looking for Proofreaders for my new Book: C++ Core Guidelines

I'm looking for proofreaders for my new book "C++ Core Guidelines". The crucial idea of the book is to…

C++20: Coroutines – A First Overview

C++20 provides four features that change how we think about and write modern C++: concepts, the ranges…
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My Personal Words about Corona

Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay   I want to say a few personal words due…

C++20: Python’s map Function

Today, I finish my experiment writing beloved Python functions in C++. So far, I have implemented the…

C++20: Pythons range Function, the Second

In my last post, C++20: Pythonic with the Ranges Library, I started my experiment to implement the beloved…