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Modules are one of the five prominent features of C++20. Modules will overcome the restrictions of header…
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C++ Core Guidelines: The Remaining Rules about Source Files

Today, I complet the rules of the C++ core guidelines to source files. They are about header files and…

The new pdf bundle is available: C++ Core Guidlines – Templates and Generic Programming

I have prepared the pdf bundle. To get it is quite simple. If you subscribe to the newsletter, you…
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C++ Core Guidelines: Source Files

The organization of source files is a topic quite seldom addressed in C++. With C++20, we will get modules,…
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C++ Insights – Lambdas

Honestly, many programmers in my classes have issues with the syntactic sugar of lambdas. Desugaring…
04 variadic templates

C++ Insights – Variadic Templates

Variadic templates are a C++ feature that looks quite magic the first time you see them. Thanks to C++…