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C++ Core Guidelines: The Resolution of the Riddle

Today, I will solve the riddle from my last post. Thanks to my readers, the analysis of the ABA problem…
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C++ Core Guidelines: Concurrency and lock-free Programming

Today, I will finish the rules for concurrency and continue directly with lock-free programming. Yes,…
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The End of my Detour: Unified Futures

After the last post to executors, I can finally write about the unified futures. I write in the post…

The Update of my Book “Concurreny with Modern C++”

The update of my book "Concurrency with Modern C++" is available. This version is a total rework of the…
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A Short Detour: Executors

A few weeks ago, one of the authors of the proposal to the futures in C++ Felix Petriconi wrote me an…

C++ Core Guidelines: Be Aware of the Traps of Condition Variables

Today, I am writing a scary post about condition variables. You should be aware of these issues of condition…