C++ Core Guidelines: Semantic of Function Parameters and Return Values

Today,  I conclude my treatise about the rules for functions in the C++ core guidelines. The last post was about the syntax of function parameters and return values. This post, with its roughly 15 rules, is about their semantics.

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C++ Core Guidelines: The Rules for in, out, in-out, consume, and forward Function Parameter

You have many choices to pass function parameters. You can pass by value or by reference. A reference can be const or non-const. You can even move or forward your parameters.  Your decision should depend on if it is an in, and out, an in-out, a consume, or a forward function parameter. Curious? Read the post!

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C++ Core Guidelines: Function Definitions

Functions are the "fundamental building block of programs."  and "the most critical part in most interfaces."  These statements introduce the rules to function of the C++ core guidelines. Of course, both statements are right. So, let's dive deeper into the more than 30 rules for defining functions, passing arguments to functions, and returning values from functions.

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