For the Proofreaders and the Curious People


After a lot of discussion with my proofreaders, we finally have a process to publish the articles.

How will it work?

The articles, ready for proofreading, will be publicly available on my GitHub account. They will be open for changes for about one week. In the file publishDate.txt you see the day, when I will publish the article finally. Each article corresponds to a subdirectory. At this point the articles are all in the directory Threads. 

If you look in the directory Threads, you see the sub directories representing the articles. In the subdirectory there are the article in the file article.html and the images of the article. So you need a little bit of imagination for rendering the html. For the time of the week, between the article is stored on GitHub and published, I'm open for pull requests. After the publishing date, I accept also pull request. So you can still improve the article. The sequence numbers in the directories (Theads/1_MultithreadingInModernCpp) correspond the order of publishing.

So what does the whole stuff me for you, the voluntary proofreader. You can make a pull request at each point in time. But I will wait only for one week, before I publish the article. I will mention you in the article, independent of the time point, you make your pull request.If you don't like to be mentioned, please say it explicitly to me.

So it's never too late to become famous.

When will it start?

At the of April I will start with the good stuff. Be patient.









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0 #11 AlexisAWater 2016-11-14 04:39
I appreciate you finally writing about >For the proofreaders and the curious

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