Five Coupons for the eBook "Template Metaprogramming with C++"

I'm happy to announce that I have five giveaway eBooks for "Template Metaprogramming with C++" by Marius Bancila. In return, I have two questions about templates. The five best answers will get the coupons.



First, here is what packt says about the book:

Learn how the metaprogramming technique enables you to create data structures and functions that allow computation to happen at compile time. With this book, you'll realize how templates help you avoid writing duplicate code and are key to creating generic libraries, such as the standard library or Boost, that can be used in a multitude of programs.

The introductory chapters of this book will give you insights into the fundamentals of templates and metaprogramming. You'll then move on to practice writing complex templates and exploring advanced concepts such as template recursion, template argument deduction, forwarding references, type traits, and conditional compilation. Along the way, you'll learn how to write variadic templates and how to provide requirements to the template arguments with C++20 constraints and concepts. Finally, you'll apply your knowledge of C++ metaprogramming templates to implement various metaprogramming patterns and techniques.

By the end of this book, you'll have learned how to write effective templates and implement metaprogramming in your everyday programming journey.

Second, this is what Marius Bancila says about his book:

Template Metaprogramming with C++ is a book that will help you learn writing templates in C++. The book covers all topics about templates, from basic syntax to the latest C++20 features including constraints, concepts, ranges, and generic lambdas. You will also learn about various patterns and metaprogramming techniques. The book is intended for beginner and intermediate programmers that want to learn about C++ templates but more experienced programmers may also find it useful for getting up to date with the latest development of the standard.
Finally, this is my opinion
Marius's book is an ideal introduction to the complex, powerful, and fascinating world of templates in C++. It takes the beginner and intermediate programmer and guides him to make him an experienced template programmer.
How can you win a coupon for the book: This is simple. Marius has two questions for you:
  • What do you find the most difficult about templates and why?
  • What would you like to learn more about templates?
The five best answers will get the eBooks. I will present your answers in an upcoming post, including your first name.
What are the rules: Send your answer in English until Monday, the 17th of October to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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