C++ Core Guidelines: Interfaces I

Interfaces are a contract between a service provider and a service consumer. The C++ Core Guidelines has 20 rules to make them right because "interfaces is probably the most important single aspect of code organization".

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C++ Core Guidelines: The Philosophy

Today, I will dig a little bit deeper into the C++ Core Guidelines. In my last post about the C++ Core Guidelines I wrote about the Introduction section. Today I write about the section that is "primarily for humans". This is the most general section and is called Philosophy. The rules are so general that you can apply them to each programming language.

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Why do we need Guidelines for Modern C++?

This subjective post is based on more than 15 years of experience as a trainer for C++, Python, and software development in general. In the last years, I was responsible for the software and the team for building software for defibrillators. That included the regulatory affairs for our devices. Writing software for a defibrillator is extremely challenging because they can cause death or serious injury for the patient and the operator.

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What is Modern C++?

We often speak about classical and modern C++. What does that mean? First of all: What is modern C++?. There is a simple and a not so simple answer? The simple answer is. Modern C++ stands for C++ that is based on C++11, C++14, and C++17. I guess, you know it. This post and a series of further posts is about the not so simple answer.

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