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C++ Core Guidelines: std::array and std::vector are your Friends

In 99 % of your use cases for a sequential container, you are outstanding with a std::array or a std::vector.…
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C++ Core Guidelines: The Standard Library

The rules to the C++ standard library are mainly about containers, strings, and iostreams. Curiously,…
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More Details to Modules

 My last post gave you an introduction to modules in C++20. This post shows how to use existing…
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Modules are one of the five prominent features of C++20. Modules will overcome the restrictions of header…
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C++ Core Guidelines: The Remaining Rules about Source Files

Today, I complet the rules of the C++ core guidelines to source files. They are about header files and…
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C++ Core Guidelines: Source Files

The organization of source files is a topic quite seldom addressed in C++. With C++20, we will get modules,…
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C++ Core Guidelines: Mixing C with C++

Due to the same history of C and C++, both languages are closely related. Because neither of them is…
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Types-, Non-Types, and Templates as Template Parameters

I assume you saw the additional keywords typename or template used before a name in a template. Me too.…
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Templates: Misconceptions and Surprises

I often teach the basics of templates. Templates are special. Therefore, I encounter many misconceptions…
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C++ Core Guidelines: Surprise included with the Specialisation of Function Templates

Today, I finish the C++ core guidelines rules to templates with a big surprise for many C++ developers.…