Architectural Patterns

Architectural patterns describe the fundamental structure of a software system and are often based on design patterns. The five Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture series books provide a precious source of architectural patterns.

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The Lack of Training Culture: You unlearned Learning

Our software industry has a significant Lack of Training Culture. In my last articles, I wrote "Learning is not an Integral Part of your Profession",  "An Employer must support their Employees", and "You hire for Skills but not for Attitude".  Today, I focus on an employer who unlearned learning.

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Presentation next Monday: Concurrency Patterns with Rainer Grimm

Next Monday, I will give two presentations for Meeting C++.

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How can you recognise a good software architecture?

I'm happy to present today a guest post from Alexander Eisenhuth. Alexander will write about his passion: good software architecture.

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The C++ Standard Library: The Fourth Edition includes C++23

I'm happy to announce. I updated my "The C++ Standard Library" book to C++23.

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Idioms for Polymorphism and Templates

This post is unique because I have written about all the topics mentioned in this post already. Therefore, I only provide a few words about the topic and a link to the post mentioned.

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The Lack of Training Culture: You hire for Skills but not for Attitude

Our software industry has a significant Lack of Training Culture. In my last articles, I wrote "Learning is not an Integral Part of your Profession" , and "An Employer must support their Employees". Today, I focus on an employer hiring for skills rather than attitude.

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Covariant Return Type

The Covariant Return Type of a member function allows an overriding member function to return a narrower type. This is particularly useful when you implement the Prototype Pattern.

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Webinar: How to get a job at a high-frequency trading digital-assets shop

Maybe, you want to know more about the high-frequency domain and consider applying in this particular domain. Then, this webinar, organized by ProfitView, should give you the necessary insights.

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One Day left: Early Bird Price for my Mentoring Program "Design Patterns and Architectural Patterns with C++"

When you book it before 24/02/2023, you will get a 33% discount. But let me first present my mentoring program.

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